The Benefits Of Using Glass Walls In Historical Homes

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The Benefits Of Using Glass Walls In Historical Homes

Anybody that has ever bought a historical home knows that there are very strict regulations on changing the homes structure. When these majestic homes were built privacy was not the first priority. The reason for the open floor plan was to let heat and air circulate throughout the rooms. Quite often there were just one or two fireplaces that would have to heat the whole floor.

There are also numerous other structural differences that make living in a historical property a challenge. Most of these homes were built without bathrooms due to the lack of plumbing, so when they were installed it was for function not necessarily worrying about the aesthetic value. Closets were also not added because storage was kept to a minimum. Back then they believed in a place for everything and everything in its place.

There is a way to add functionality and aesthetic value to these beautiful homes without modify the original structure. By using glass walls or glass partitions you can add privacy to any room and it can even become the focal point of a room. Glass partition walls are installed with overhead tracks so no floor tracks are needed. These walls actually become a work of art and are available with etched designs, acrylic inserts or a satiny finish.

Glass partitions are the perfect solution when trying to add privacy in a bathroom by separating the toilet from the rest of the room. Folding wall partitions or accordion partitions create roomy closets in any room of the house and unlike solid walls, they even add dimension to a room. Stationary glass walls can also create a home office or study without taking from the aesthetic value of the room and while it adds privacy, no windows are required because the light still streams in. The integrity of the home is never compromised and the uses are limitless.

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